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Material pairing

Materials are given their proper place
and value in the materials cycle.

Sustainable management

Sustainability reporting

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Operational guidance

The circular economy is based on material cycles in which as few materials as possible leave the cycle. The goal is to use only a minimum amount of new raw materials.

Therefore, it is important to always assign all materials their proper place and value as raw materials through WASTE+.


For materials, waste, residual streams,... the right use is offered where reuse is preferred. This both in guidance and in own management.

Through continuous screening of supply and needs, we look at the most sustainable employability across various sectors.

Sustainability is more than just reducing CO2 emissions,

it is contained in the entire production process and business strategy.


Through an in-house developed tool, SUS+, we let you see clear in the complexity of the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive).

Your organization is benchmarked against all 12 EU standards. The findings and activity plan are incorporated into a containable SUS+ sustainability report.

Do you need operational guidance in this circular story?

Do you already have a sustainability report and are you looking for an external auditor?

Together we find the right balance between economic, ecological, social and managerial interests.

Time to make the difference

Not yet CSRD-mandatory? Get your head start 

Your company may not yet be directly required to comply with CSRD. However, an immediate impact will be felt.


Receive your financial benefit now

Banks already link benefits to a sustainable business policy. To obtain this benefit, you will need to submit a sustainability report.


Working in subcontracting?

Are you working as a subcontractor for a company that is required to comply with the CSRD? Then you will also be expected to submit your own sustainability reporting.


A future-proof business

The sooner you include a baseline measurement, the better the results.

A must for companies that want to be ready for the future!

What our customers say


TERRA+ figures it out for us and offers solutions thanks to their à la carte approach.

- Jill

The proper analysis provided immediate returns.

- Kris

TERRA+ communicates very transparently about the possibilities, they are a reliable partner in our circular story.

- Thomas

Sometimes we need to work in phases but there will always be a structural solution.

- Kurt

TERRA+ takes our waste problem to heart from A to Z.

- Céline

TERRA+ guided us in a practical achievable way.

- Ilse

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